Become an Ideal Head of School Candidate Book

If you are an aspiring Head of School or to find your next Headship at an independent school or private school, the short and clear Become an Ideal Head of School Candidate is written for you.

Tradition Search Partners president and founder Lydia Musher uses real quotes and stories from dozens of Heads of School to introduce new concepts that make it simple to get the job you want in educational leadership and educational administration:

  • The CREST Framework of the five official job requirements and how to fulfill them,
  • The FACTS Framework of the five, all-important unwritten job requirements of a head of school, and
  • The SELF Framework for the self-management skills that schools demand of their leaders and potential leaders.

In addition to this Quick Guide, the book comes with many useful templates and resources ready for you to download and use. This book will discuss communication and technical skills and is perfect for current Heads of School, Associate Heads of School, Assistant Heads of School, Interim Heads of School, Acting Heads of School, Division Heads, Principals, Teachers, and students looking toward a career in educational administration.

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