Hire an Ideal Head of School: With or Without a Search Firm Book

Are you a school-board trustee faced with the daunting prospect of finding and hiring a new Head of School or Headmaster for your independent school? This short, hands-on guide will prepare you to produce ideal results — with or without a search firm.

In this one-hour read, you will learn:

• The one secret you need to know in order to use this search process to strengthen your school
• The four steps to finding, hiring, and getting started with your ideal Head of School
• Which tools and techniques work — and which don’t
• How to get dozens of free bonus downloads and samples for you to use right now.

Author Lydia Musher studies the intersection between data and communication. She is the founder of Tradition Search Partners, a former business-school professor, an experienced school and nonprofit board member, and the mother of independent-school students. Her firm, Tradition Search Partners, represents schools in educational-leadership searches.

Typically called in as “fixers” to tough searches, Tradition utilizes aggressive and tested processes, advanced technology and data, and white-glove service trustees expect in for-profit work. Lydia is an seasoned public speaker and writer who holds an MBA in marketing and entrepreneurial management from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania as well as MEng and ScB degrees in computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She uses her experience and education in leadership and technology help increase professional success and connection among people. Learn more about her at lydiamusher.com.

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