The Best Tech Tools for Executive Search

Executive search is a remarkably old-school industry, no pun intended. If your school or your search firm uses more advanced technology, you are at a great advantage relative to simple candidate databases of old-school firms.

  1. Basic: An Applicant Tracking System like JazzHR will keep applications organized, ensure that candidates receive timely updates, keep notes confidential, keep your email account clear, and minimize stress on your board members and professionals. If someone suggests receiving applications by email, insist on an Applicant Tracking System.

2. Moderate: Email systems like YetAnotherMailMerge and its equivalents allow you to send personalized emails that skip the Promotions/Spam folders of candidates, integrate with Google Drive, and allow you to see which people click on links to follow up.

3. Moderate: Fiverr allows you to hire gig workers to make your process professional and efficient. You can find graphic designers, data analysts, marketing experts, legal consultants, and more.

3. Advanced: Natural Language Processing / Machine Learning Tools like Textio will help you write job descriptions that really work at attracting a high number of highly qualified and diverse candidates. There is an optimal length to attract people and optimal wording to use, as well. So, gone are the days of writing boring, 20-page PDF brochures that attract no candidates to the position.

Have more tech tools to recommend? We’d love to hear them, so please reach out.